Albert Pujols: Cousin Sues for $27 Million

Courtesy of TMZ

Albert Pujols

MLB superstar Albert Pujols is being sued by his own cousin — who claims the Los Angeles Angels slugger ruined his life and aspiring baseball career by wrongly labeling him as a murderer.

The man behind the lawsuit is Wilfrido Juan Pujols — Albert’s cousin — who was the passenger in a 2007 police chase in Missouri in which his car struck and killed a man.

Wilfrido’s older brother was behind the wheel that day — and was charged with multiple felonies including 2nd degree felony murder. Wilfrido was NOT charged with a crime. In fact, he claims he was trying to STOP his brother, who was messed up on drugs and booze.

The mother of the victim wrote a message to Albert’s foundation in 2014 — accusing the MLB star and his wife of financially aiding the brothers who she claimed “murdered” her son.

Albert’s wife, Deidre, responded to the message with a statement condemning BOTH of the brothers — saying, “These two young men have ruined many lives.”

The victim’s mother posted Deidre’s statement on her Facebook page.

Wilfrido says it was that statement that has destroyed his reputation — because people now think he played an active role in the deadly incident.

In his lawsuit, Wilfrido says the statement was approved by Albert — and ruined his reputation in the baseball community and derailed his playing career.

Now, he wants the Pujols to shell out more than $27 MILLION to make things right … don’t hold your breath.

We reached out to Albert’s camp — so far, no word back.

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