Five hitters that are currently slumping

Edwin Encarnacion - Photo Credit - Keith Allison
Edwin Encarnacion – Photo Credit – Keith Allison

Similar to a hot streak, being on a cold streak is also pretty normal.

There is no in between. You’re either on fire or you are ice cold.

Okay, that is not necessarily true, but you only make headlines it seems if you are in the midst of one or the other.

Sometimes, a slump does not even mean that you’re playing bad. It could be unlucky outs (line drives, long fly balls, great defensive plays) so it’s nothing to sweat during a long season. It is just part of the game.

Let’s look at some MLB hitters that are currently in one of those slumps.

Danny Santana – Minnesota Twins

Yes, I know he is not the MAIN guy on this surprising Twins lineup, but he is still in a major slump right now. He is one of their quicker guys, expected to get on base and make things happen.

Well he doesn’t have a stolen base over his past seven games. It is pretty hard, actually kind of impossible to steal bases when you do not get on base.

Santana has batted just .100 (2-20) over the past seven games and he has not registered an extra-base hit or a walk over that time. He’s also struck out 7 times.

The Twins went 20-9 during the month of May so Santana’s struggles did not hurt them. Luckily.

Edwin Encarnacion – Toronto Blue Jays

Everyone cannot be hot at the same time, I guess. It seems like Encarnacion and Jose Bautista have traded being hot and cold and now it seems like it is Encarnacion’s turn to go through a slump.

He has batted just .043 (1-23) over the last six games. There’s no doubt that he will be on the “who’s hot” list sometime this season, because he showed last May (16 homers) that he can carry a team.

Right now though, he’s just hanging in there waiting for that bat of his to wake up.

Pablo Sandoval Red Sox - Photo Credit - Keith Allison
Pablo Sandoval Red Sox – Photo Credit – Keith Allison

Pablo Sandoval – Boston Red Sox

Sandoval has batted only .142 (8-56) over the past seventeen games, after a stellar month of April which showed that he was worth the contract that he received from the Red Sox.

He hasn’t had a multi-hit game since May 11th and even though he has two homers, he does not have a double during the stretch.

In fact, he has been in such a slump, that he is even considering giving up switch-hitting altogether.

That actually doesn’t have to do with the way he is hitting, but with some discomfort that he was experiencing in his left knee.

Nevertheless, he along with the Red Sox, are looking to get out of a slump as they are in a division (AL East) that is separated by just four and a half games from 1st to 5th place.

Dexter Fowler – Chicago Cubs

Fowler is one of the few “veterans” in that Cubs lineup. We know what the headlines are when we see the Cubs in, right?

Well, Fowler has been their leadoff guy all season and he has done a fantastic job, but lately, he has seen his average drop due to a three-game hitless streak (0-12) and a .041 (1-24) average overall throughout the past six games. His 12-1 strikeout to walk ratio shows that he is not even seeing the ball well, at all.

Freddy Galvis & Maikel Franco – Philadelphia Phillies

The fact that Galvis is even on this list shows the improvement that he has made this season.

In his fourth MLB season, he has already set career highs in hits (50) and runs scored (21). He was the Phillies best hitter through the first month and a half of the season, and was holding a .336 Batting average at one point.

Since then, he has had only a .128 (5-39) average over his past 9 games and has gone three straight without a single hit.

He was either playing WAY above his head, and he is just crashing back down to earth, or he is just in a normal slump.

Franco was also having a pretty good year at one point.

Well, a good stretch. The Phils believed in Franco so much that they called him up from the minors this year so he can play third base, as they sent the normal third baseman, Cody Asche, down to the minors to learn the left field position.

During the week of May 17th-24th, Franco batted .300 (9-27) with 1 double, 1 triple, 2 HR’s and 7 RBIs but has batted just .074 (2-27) with just 1 RBI and no extra-base hits.

He is still technically a rookie, so it is just another “rookie wall” cliché, so we know the Phillies believe in this guy.

*Toronto Blue Jays rookie second baseman Devon Travis would have definitely made this list, because he was slumping hard, but he is not technically “active” so he did not make it, since he is on the DL currently*

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