From The Houston Astros to The New York Mets, How are Teams Performing Early in 2017

Even though it has only been one month of baseball, there are a lot of interesting trends and story lines revealing themselves early. While all the MLB preseason talk and analysis can certainly create industry headlines and hot takes, when the bat meets the ball, that’s when things really start to matter.

Yankees vs Orioles” by Keith Allison (20130910-0065)

There have already been some unpredictable performances, both good and bad, for a variety of teams. Diving into the data, it’s interesting to see how fans are reacting this early in the season to their team’s performance.

It’s easy to start celebrating or panicking, depending on a team’s record this early in the year, but below you’ll find some of the most interesting team performances during the first month of baseball.

The San Francisco Giants – Almost always contending for at least a playoff spot over the past few years, there hasn’t been a team more unlucky this early in the season. Several key injuries to some of their star players have put the Giants at the bottom of the standings at 11-22. With a -64 run differential, it’s no wonder fans are already starting to write the 2017 season off, at least for now.

The Minnesota Twins – A great example of a team with low expectations starting really hot, surprising everyone, but of course now cooling off a bit. Although if you had told their fan base at the beginning of the season that The Twins would be 15-14 early in May, it’s safe to say they would definitely take it.

The Houston Astros – With a fan base that had been used to losing over the past decade, the 2016 season was a welcome change. While a deep playoff run didn’t happen, there was plenty of promise, and that has definitely continued to grow at least through the first month of this season, with them atop the AL West.

The New York Mets and The New York Yankees – With The Mets collapsing in the early months of 2017, and the Yankees looking like they’re back in traditional winning form, it feels as if the baseball universe has restored itself. Fans of The Mets saw a great run over the past few years, but they have plenty of problems to address early this season. The Yankees, on the other hand, have never been hotter.

Rob Toledo is a Seattle-based editor of A consistently disappointed Mariners fan who always starts the season hoping for the best, he never seems to remember that 2001 was over 16 years ago.

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