How to Choose the Right Baseball Bat for Youth

Baseball Bats

How to choose the right baseball bats for youth

Choosing the right bat is arguably one of the hardest and most crucial decisions when preparing to play baseball. While bat needs may differ from one player to the other, the ideal bat is one that has the perfect size, length, weight, and drop. Additionally, the best bat to settle for is one that is affordable to you depending on your financial ability. Here are a few things to know when choosing the right baseball bat for youths:

Weight and drop

The weight and drop of the ideal bat to settle for depends on the build of the player. Big and strong players prefer using heavier bats for maximum power and accuracy when swinging to hit the ball. Smaller bats on the other hand should use lighter bats as they are easier to control for them and also enable the players to possess great bat speed. The best way of identifying the ideal bat weight for you is by swinging different bats to feel their weight before settling on any bat. The drop of a bat is the difference between the weight and length of the bat. For instance, a 30” bat with a drop of -10 weighs 20 ounces. For youthful players, a bat with a -12 or -10 drop is the best bat for them.


Long bats give players a greater reach thereby allowing them to hit balls on any side of the plate. It is worth noting that long bats are heavier than the fairly shorter bats. Due to this, you should consider the ideal length of bat that suits your height in the best way possible and is neither too long nor too short for you. Much like when you are checking the weight of a bat, you also need to swing bats of varying lengths to identify the bat length that is ideal for you. Refer to for tips and ideas on identifying the perfect bat length for you.

Barrel size

While barrel size is not necessarily a major consideration for players in youth leagues, it is worth settling for a bat with the best barrel size depending on your needs. Most youth leagues restrict players to having bats with a barrel diameter not exceeding 2 5/8 inches. However, this provision may change depending on the league you are playing in or any other requirements thereof.

Material of the bat

Baseball bats are mostly made from three types of materials: alloy, wood, and composite materials. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other material. For instance, composite bats have a larger sweet spot than the other types of bats and also have reduced hand stings and vibrations. However, they are also quite expensive compared to the other types but they are very durable. As such, they are an ideal long-term investment. Before settling on any type of youth bats consider the pros and cons of each of the bats as well as the purchase cost of the bats.

There is a bat sizing chart that is readily available on the internet as well as in sports shop. The chart contains valuable information on the best length and weight of bat to settle for depending on your playing needs. Always opt for a bat that provides you with an ideal combination of the perfect weight, length, and barrel size.

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