Major League III In The Works – Just Need Funds (VIDEO)

Courtesy of TMZ Sports

Ricky Vaughn WILL PITCH AGAIN … so says Charlie Sheen, who tells TMZ Sports he’s got the entire cast back on board for “Major League III” … and is just waiting for a financier.

We got Sheen out in L.A. — he’s looking great BTW — and asked him what he’s working on these days as far as the silver screen is concerned.

That’s when Charlie broke news … not only is he working on a new ‘Major League’ movie, but HE HAS THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL CAST ON BOARD.

Not only are the boys all coming back, but Charlie says they’ve got a dynamite script, and a director, claiming the only thing missing is the biggest component in a Hollywood movie … THE MONEY.

Super exciting news … we only have one question for Charlie …¬†Wesley Snipes or Omar Epps?

Tough one.

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