Miami Marlins: Will Yelich Be A Marlin On Opening Day?

Yelich - Bonds
Christian Yelich and Barry Bonds – Photo Credit: Corn Farmer (Creative Commons)

It’s been a few weeks and outfielder Christian Yelich is still employed by the Miami Marlins. During their fire sale, they still haven’t seemed to get the right package for Yelich. The 26-year-old, is coming off a season where he had over 600 AB’s and hit .282 with 18 homers and 81 RBI’s.

Yelich is due to make $29.25 million from 2018-20 and has cheap club options for 2021 and 2022. It’s not a crazy contract that the Marlins need to dump, so you know they’ll be asking for everything and the kitchen sink in any trade proposals.

There’s a number a teams that would love to add Yelich, but who’s willing to pony up and give up some big time prospects to land him… Do you think Yelich will be in a Marlins uniform on Opening Day?

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