Milwaukee Brewers’ Carlos Gomez Needs Suspension After Fight

Carlos Gomez - Photo Credit: Steven Paluch
Carlos Gomez – Photo Credit: Steven Paluch

Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder Carlos Gomez has developed quite the league-wide reputation for taking as much time as he needs to bask in his home run glory.

Given Gomez’ tendency to celebrate his moonshots with powerful bat flips followed by a lack of urgency to round the bases, he is also starting to develop a reputation for provoking the heated emotions of his opponents.

In the third inning of  Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Gomez’s reactions to a deep-fly ball sparked another benches clearing brawl. That is the second time in as many seasons that a Gomez deep fly has started a brawl.

Gomez delivered quite a pronounced bat flip and a prolonged gaze to a deep-fly ball he hit to centerfield that ultimately bounced off the top of the centerfield wall for a triple. His lack of hustle and clear admiration for his own hit that didn’t even clear the wall rubbed pitcher Gerrit Cole the wrong way and he later voiced his displeasure with Gomez with a few expletives as he slid into third.

Gomez clearly overreacted and charged after Cole before being held back by the third base umpire. Then, Pirates reserve outfielder Travis Snider charged after Gomez and then Gomez charged toward Snider and both guys got good swings in before both guys were pulled apart.

Sunday’s brawl was started in a similar fashion to the brawl from last September between the Brewers and the Atlanta Braves. That brawl started after Gomez hit a complete bomb off of pitcher Paul Maholm and admired it with a full out bat toss and a slight walk up the first base line followed by a half-hearted jog around the bases as he taunted Maholm after the pitcher voiced his displeasure with Gomez. Gomez was met at home plate by enraged catcher Brian McCann who had a few choice words for him as he prevented the outfielder from crossing home plate and the benches cleared.

There are three things that the brawl from Sunday has in common from the brawl from last September. One, Gomez. Two, Gomez’s violation of the unwritten baseball guidelines that don’t allow from gloating and arrogance. Three, both of these brawls are completely avoidable.

Sure there are going to be suspensions dealt  out to the participants in Sunday’s battle, but the league needs to send a clear message to Gomez. The message that his hot head and gloating will not be tolerated.

Considering this is the second brawl caused by the same person and same type of scenario, the MLB should suspend him for no less than seven games and a considerable fine.

Being the five-tool stud that he is, Gomez needs to find a way to control his emotions and control his self-admiration.

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~Sam Smith


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One thought on “Milwaukee Brewers’ Carlos Gomez Needs Suspension After Fight

  • 22 April, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    They actually track the time players take to run out HRs. Gomez is probably the fastest. Rather than talk about admiring HRs you should talk about how fast players run when they hit fly outs. That’s the subject.

    If McCutchen weren’t so poor at fielding it would have been an out. I know that facts are tedious, unpleasant and inconvenient, but if you want to have a fan site, just make one rather than a fake “MLB” site.

    Personally, I think guys should take as long as they want when they hit one off of dirty pitchers like Maholm.


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