MLB Great David Wells — The Bat Flip Is BS … I’d Drill Players Who Did It!! (VIDEO)

Courtesy of TMZ

David Wells

All you crazy bat-flipping home run hitters should thank your lucky stars you weren’t born a couple years earlier … ’cause retired MLB stud pitcher David Wells says if you did it to him … you’d wear baseball.

We got Wells at the Hank’s Yanks Golf Classic in NYC and asked him about the recent trend of the bat flip — hitters showing up pitchers with aggressive lumber tossing after they go yard.

The main culprit is, of course, Toronto’s Jose Bautista … whose bat flip in game 5 of last year’s ALDS has been called — rightfully so — “the most ostentatious bat flip of all time.”

Check out the clip — Wells says he would’ve given Jose a rawhide makeover his next time at bat … ’cause in DW’s opinion, flipping your hickory is just too damn disrespectful.

It’s okay guys … he’s retired … you can flip in peace.

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