New York Yankees Fail To Rise in Game 7

As we saw last night the veteran Justin Verlander for the Houston Astros delivered the win against the New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino, who fought as long as he could against a superstar and powerful offensive lineup. But, tonight the tables are turned. The Yanks have their big man CC Sabathia on the mound. The veteran has explosive cutters and sliders that will fool the Astro hitters just like Verlander did to the Yankee hitters last night. On the other side is Charlie Morton a 33-year-old drafted out of high school in 2002. Can Sabathia tame the hottest hitting team in baseball? And can the rookie from Connecticut silence the superstars of the Yankee lineup?

It will be a race to land the first punch. It will be one of the stars from each team that will have to get the first hit that will send the rest of his team to the races like we saw last night. If the Astros get the first hit then they will ride the energy of the crowd like a wave all the way to the World Series. Just like if the Yankees get the first big hit they will rise and silence the crowd and punch their ticket to the World Series.

Morton quickly went to work showing off his command of his fastball and how dangerous his breaking ball is. Although Sabathia had some trouble early he righted the ship and put up a zero on the board. In the second Sabathia’s trouble became more evident when Yulieski Gurriel was robbed by right fielder Aaron Judge. A very impressive and reassuring play for the New York faithful, kept Sabathia out of trouble.

Both pictchers were putting up zeros until Evan Gattis took Sabathia deep for a solo homerun in the bottom of the fourth. Sabathia made a mistake with a slider and left it over the plate and Gattis took full advantage. With Houston leading, Joe Girardi has a decision to make. It was only the fourth and too early to take out Sabathia. Will Girardi learn from his mistake in game six? He learns from his mistakes and Tommy Kahnle begins to warm up and comes in to relieve Sabathia after only four and one third innings. It takes Khanle one pitch to get out of the inning.

In the top of the fifth the Yankees have first and third with one out. On a chopped groundball to the third basemen Alex Bregman  throws out Greg Bird, who put his head down and charged for the plate. With a good reaction and throw by Bregman he is tagged out at the plate. With first and third there was no force for Bird to run, and with Bregman looking right at him at third base it was a huge and pivotal baserunning error. Chase Headley was thrown out by Jose Altuve to end the inning and the Yankees fail to convert.

In the bottom of the fifth once again the second basemen for the Houston Astros makes his case for MVP, when he goes deep with a solo shot off of Kahnle. Adding to his homerun in game six Altuve once again deflates and demoralizes the Yankees. The Astros increase their lead with a double by Brian McCann who drives in Carlos Correa and Gurriel. It is now 4-0 Astros in the bottom of the fifth and it is the former Yankee with the dagger against his former ball club. Adam Warren comes in to relieve Kahnle.

Houston brings in Lance McCullers Jr in the top of the sixth. Facing the heart of the order he retires Aaron Judge, Didi Gregorius and Gary Sanchez. Houston continues to assert their dominance on both sides of the field when George Springer jumping over his left fielder makes an amazing catch.

In the bottom of the seventh David Robertson comes in for the Yankees. In the top of the eighth inning McCullers looked very nervous and uneasy. The Houston bullpen comes alive with two pitchers getting up and throwing. McCullers settles down and strikes out Headley and Judge to end the inning. Gregorius and Sanchez strike out and Bird flies out to springer in center field to send the Houston Astros to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.

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