Questionable Managing Decisions Leaves Bullpen Vulnerable

Los Angeles Pitcher Henley Jansen delivering a pitch Credit: Arturo Pardavila III

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been calculated in their games this postseason especially in the World Series. Everything from the lineup to the rotation of the bullpen. Manager Dave Roberts made a plan with his staff and coaches and he wanted to stick to it. However, when Ross Stripling threw four pitches and faced one hitter before being taken out, the plan was interrupted. Kenley Jansen went on to blow the save and the Houston Astros tied up the game. Not planning to go this deep into his bullpen this game Roberts put called upon Josh Fields. Fields came in to face the very heart of the lineup; Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and Yulieski Gurriel. Which led to back to back homeruns and a stand up double. This made the game out of reach for the Dodgers. Even the heroic final efforts of Yasiel Puig and Charlie Culberson, who both hit homeruns were not enough to save the Dodgers and bring them back from the deficit that Fields left them.

After such a heartbreaking game there are several plays or decisions that could be looked back on after the fact that could have changed the outcome of the game. If Chris Devenski’s attempt to pick off a runner at second does not hit the umpire, if Puig comes up with the diving catch in right and if Roberts let Fields straighten himself out and face another hitter. If fields could have gone another inning or just gotten a few more outs the bullpen would not have been in such a vulnerable and desperate position. However, this is all just speculation, and no one will truly know what would have happened. That is what makes this World Series so exciting. The unknown and the abilities of these players keep us intrigued and waiting for the next game.

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