Tampa Bay Rays are Set to Host their Annual Fan Fest on Feb 10 at Tropicana Field

By Robert Williams

Tampa Bay Rays
Tampa Bay Rays – Photo Credit: Todd Carr (Creative Commons)

From St. Petersburg, Florida; the Tampa Bay Rays are an all-American Baseball team nicknamed The Rays. The Rays compete in the Major League Baseball (MLB) as members from the East Division. And since the inception of the game, the team’s home venue has been the Tropicana field.

So, every year the team holds the event in the Tropicana Field. It is an annual Fan Fest that gets the fans excited about the coming season and as such create an interaction with the community.

This year is no different and will be held on the 10th of February, and since admission is free for all attendees, one and all are welcomed whereby general admissions will be as early as 11:00 AM, but season tickets will be even earlier at around 10:00 AM.

Of course, it is expected that many of the Rays will be present especially fan favorites among whom is Kevin Kiermaier and Chris Archer. And that is not all, members of the MLB Alumni are expected to be in attendance.

The Fan Fest has a series of must-dos and this include but is not limited to:

  • Main stage shows and programs are the most important and waited for by the fans.
  • The Suncoast Union will present the program’s favorite – reading with the Rays.
  • Tours of the clubhouse – a must for the fans.
  • Clubhouse corner – has become almost a ritual.
  • Charity Yard sales are very popular with the fans and attracts a great crowd.
  • The Billiards match is known by the “Black Widow” will be there as usual.
  • Food tasting as well as free items from the Rays.
  • Kids games and run the bases.
  • The Tampa Bay Times will present their favorite Social Media Zone.
  • Autograph passes to get autographs from their favorite players.
  • Each pass is priced at 20 – 25 dollars – but that is nothing in return for a real signature of your favorite player.

Of course, there is so much more at the Fan Fest this tenth of February, but we shall have just to wait and see since there usually is so much more. That is also without forgetting that there is bound to be a surprise or two up the Rays sleeves for the fun of their favorite and home fans. After all, what is a team without the support of its home fans? It is their unrivaled support and backing up of a team that lifts its morale and not only help the team but keeps pushing them forward and standing behind them in any and all situations. The Rays fans can get MLB tickets without service fees from here to ensure that you will be enjoying live actions when your team performs. Any team needs this unconditional support from their fans. And what better way to forge a great relationship that to plan an annual event that brings the team as well as the fans together for bonding and support before the games begin. Waiting for one and all to be at the Fanfest at Tropicana in Tampa Bay.

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