Why This Could (Actually) Be the Year: an Optimistic Look Ahead at the 2017 Mariners

Now back to present day. The 2017 Mariners barely resemble the 2016 Mariners. 4 of the 9 starters from the end of last year will not likely see much of the field for the team this year. Is that a good thing? I think so, and here’s why:
The lineup from the end of the season looked a little like this:
That seems like it would’ve been a pretty okay deal, but Seattle also got a guy named Mitch Haniger. He’s only played a few games in the majors, and all he’s done this spring is hit balls far.
We’ll see when what the season holds, but he sure looks like the Felix of old.
The Mariners finished 24th in the MLB last year in stolen bases. Only ahead of the Oakland Athletics in the AL West.
“Didn’t the Mariners have a tough time finding consistency at the catcher position last year?”
The Mariners shored up their rotation and bullpen, got a quality middle infielder, and also replaced the lovable Lind/Lee combo at first with Danny Valencia. The Mariners made efforts to fix their catching situation, and on paper, this team looks good. That’s why this year could actually be different for Seattle.
Oh and there’s this guy named Tyler O’Neill who has been doing this in Spring Training.

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