Wildness With The NL Wildcard Race

NL Wildcard Standings

If you’re a fan of the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals then you’re already in playoff baseball mode. There’s currently three teams fighting for the two National League Wildcard spots.

The Mets had yesterday off, so they just got a break from the daily stress of winning. Last night the Giants came to life against the Colorado Rockies with a strong performance by starting pitcher Johnny Cueto, and scoring 7 runs. The G-Men went on to win the game 7-2, and were able to gain a 1/2 game with the Mets having the day off.

The Cardinals game ended with controversy, as catcher Yadier Molina was credited with a walk-off double to win the game, scoring ┬áthe runner from first base. However, the ball that Molina hit bounce off the warning track and bounced over the fence and hit the advertisement wall just past the outfield wall. Once the ball bounced and hit there, it’s no longer in play and should be ruled a ground-rule double. The umpires missed it and the Cincinnati Reds weren’t able to challenge the play in time before the umpires left the field.

If this was a game that didn’t matter, this wouldn’t be a big issue. However, with the Wildcard race so tight.. I’m sure a lot of Giants and Mets fans can’t be too happy. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this rule of only having 10 seconds to challenge a call at the end of the game will be changed.

What’s your thoughts on how this game ended?

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