Yankees: Notes From Aroldis Chapman’s Conference Call

Aroldis Chapman
The New York Yankees officially announced yesterday that they have signed four-time All Star (2012-15) left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman to a five-year contract extending through the 2021 season with a player opt-out after the 2019 season.

Below are some notes from Chapman’s conference call with the media today:

Chapman said he’s very happy to be back with the Yankees. He was close to signing with the Miami Marlins, but at the end, it was his wish to comeback to the Yankees.

When asked about his opt-out clause in 2019:

Chapman said his agent told him the opt-out option is good to have in the contract. He’s not thinking about leaving or not leaving. His agent brought it up and said it’s good to have in the contract for his best interest. Two years is a long-time away, so he’s not even thinking about the opt-out clause.

When asked about domestic violence charge:

“We are humans, we make mistakes, and we move forward. I’ve done therapy and it’s help me to be a better person.”

When asked about being over used in the World Series:

Chapman also mentioned that there was a couple of times that Chicago Cubs manager Joe Madden used him in the World Series that he didn’t think he should have been in the game. He felt that he shouldn’t have pitched in game 6. Chapman didn’t think he was needed since the Cubs were close to closing that game out. He felt by pitching that game, that he went into game 7 feeling tired.

He did say that Madden is the coach, he makes all the decisions. His job is to pitch when they call for him. He has a warrior mindset, if he’s needed to pitch, he’ll pitch, even if he’s tired.

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